mp3: "Aeons" - Chemtrails


words: Molly Yacyshyn

“Aeons” produces the kind of buzz that levitates above your skin, and transports you out of your headspace, even if for just a few minutes. The relationship of the rhythm guitar and drums remind me of “King of the Beach” by Wavves. The rough almost defiant guitar gets heavier with the kick, and keeps the song moving forward, making you wanna get up and maybe dance a little, or if you’re anxious like me, maybe just bob your head. The combination of their nearly-grunge inspired guitar with far-away vocals is a return to a sound that has been missing in my life, and probably yours, since 2010. Here's hoping their whole album has the same upbeat and driven tones mixed with their lo-fi production. Their EP will be coming out this December through the Stockholm label PNKSLM.

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