mp3: "All Skaters Go To Heaven" - IAN SWEET


Growing up, I had a serious weakness for boys who skated. Maybe it was my religious upbringing, but in those long-haired ruffians I saw a wild streak I was dying to try. They were the boys who had a reputation of being heartbreakers, and truthfully they were more concerned with where the party was then anything else. IAN SWEET's "All Skaters Go To Heaven," echoes that sentiment. Vocalist Jillian Medford shows little restraint as her vocals cry out above a clamorous backing of instrumentals. It's an unhinged questioning that matches the attitude and free-spirit of the badasses we all fall for, "it's not me that you want/it's my funny haircut/and the way I talk about skateboarding." Unfortunately we can't guard our hearts with helmets and kneepads. 

Shapeshifter is out 9/9 on Hardly Art, and that week we'll also share an amazing podcast with Jillian!

Album: Turn Into - Jay Som

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