mp3: "Atom Bombs & Shitty Songs" - Jesse Gage

Jesse Gage is here to help us hum our way through the seemingly never-ending mountain of shit that continues to plague our daily lives. "Atom Bomb and Shitty Songs" is a punched up and instantly catchy blast of pure rock and roll. It's one of two tracks on the singer's latest released material, and is exactly the kind of fiery fuzz that's needed on your summer playlist or when you've had a particularly bad day at work and just want to scream at the world. "The world is filled with atom bombs / the world is filled with shitty songs / and I'm so sorry to bring you the news / I actually like you," Gage spats, with a backing of instrumentals, also provided by him, that add a thundering presence to his observation. It's exactly the kind of fun single that if you play loud enough may chase away every bad part of your day or just help you forget whatever you just saw on the news for a few minutes.

interview: Magana

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