mp3: "Brewin Up" - Stanley

words: Sean Deveney

“Brewin’ Up” by Stanley feels just as laid back as the title suggests. It begins with a whimsical guitar that dances around and evokes images of a sunny afternoon free of worry. The drums are faint and tame as the intro leads into wistful vocals that are somewhat reminiscent of 60s pop songs.

Listening to this song makes me imagine wandering around alone in the hot sun while thinking of people and clear memories that stir up strong emotions despite them being tucked away in the past. It’s the bright guitar that makes me think of the sun and its rays that obscure what’s right in front of you.

There’s loneliness and deep longing as the sun sets and the heat relents. “I know she’s alright. Brewin’ up with me at night, but the sun is setting on the pavement lines. Pick me up and drive away.” Desperate emotions are often pushed away until they sneak back into view and can no longer be denied.

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