mp3: "Brother" - Strawberry Runners

mp3: "Brother" - Strawberry Runners

words: Sean Devine

The new single “Brother” from Strawberry Runners begins with a recollection of the past. The calmly pulsating guitar seemingly triggering the memory of singer Emi Night, as if she's wandering alone through a forest and suddenly begins thinking about her brother. As she recounts the memory, it feels like some kind of nursery rhyme as she revisits an innocent but significant time and speaks in a soft and almost mesmerizing voice.

The story ends and Night says to her brother “When you’re a little older, I’ll explain it all.” The guitar and drums become louder with this line and reflect the emotion of this moment of intimacy with him. The song then quiets down just as a clear memory is processed and slowly fades from one’s mind after much introspection.

The entire experience of this song really does remind me of one of the many thoughts and memories that pop into our minds as we are out walking around and trying to understand our own thoughts and the world. During those moments, we have more time to imagine how we would better articulate our feelings to those we are thinking about and dream up scenarios in which this would happen.

“Brother” is such a scenario, and Night has articulated her deepest thoughts and feelings in such a beautiful and captivating style that it is sure to inspire listeners to engage in similar moments of meaningful introspection.

In The Garden, In The Night, is out October 20th on Salinas Records