mp3 premiere: "Capture" - Seo

On single, "Capture" Seo (Seo Yaki) pieces together bits of ideas, instrumentals and vocals to perfectly emulate the times in life where it all passes by too quickly, and our mind is left hazy, fuzzy and struggling to recall it all. "Capture" is dreamy and trancelike, its unhurried pacing, Yaki's hazy, careful vocals, and the peeks of various sounds - soft strings, warped and looped vocals, quickly passing percussion - all serve to transport you to a place where one must close their eyes and absorb it. The track comes from Seo's May 26th tape release on Healthy Tapes. While we eagerly await the release date, Seo was kind enough to share a little more behind the song:

"Sometimes the significance of memories and the highs and lows of life are too complex to truly be captured by film or frame, and sometimes even your own head/memory struggles to recall details as vividly as one would like. The only way to ‘capture' is to re-experience the event, which is why the song’s message is to be aware of this so that later on you don’t regret not being fully present or engaged in the moment.”

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photos: L.A. Witch at Milwaukee Psych Fest (5/12/17)