mp3: "Cold Dark Space" - Oslow

words: Jordan Gorsuch

Sydney post-punk four-piece Oslow is one of the more interesting fresh-faced bands to come out of the genre in a while. Their last EP Days Are So Bright Now was a tremendous effort and their ear for atmospheric guitars and memorable vocal hooks seemed beyond their years. 

Finally, after a long wait, Oslow are gearing up for their self-titled debut. If anything, their ears have gotten even stronger as "Cold Dark Space" might be their strongest song yet. Enhanced production work and heavier guitars give their haunting atmosphere more grit and gumption. Jacob Rossi's guitar sounds like it was ripped out of the pages of a dream pop band's rule book and nicely juxtaposes the song's darker impulses. "I don't want to know / what's hidden in my head" bassist/vocalist Dylan Farrugia delivers over the band's dreary soundscape. Acoustic guitars flourish the back-half the track and nicely layer underneath the mammoth-sized guitar/bass lines. "Cold dark space / Feed my rage," Farrugia yells as the band drops out for Rossi to display a wonderful guitar solo that snaps and coils like a rattlesnake. 

If the rest of the album stands up to the standard that this single has set, we might be in for something very special next month when Oslow pulls back the curtain on their long-awaited debut. 

Oslow’s Oslow is now available for pre-order via Resist Records.

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