mp3: "cuties" & "smudged glasses" - AllegrA

words: Kat Harding

The description from AllegrA’s bandcamp reads “small, queer, lots of feelings” and the two tracks they’ve released on their bandcamp show a person working through these feelings. The first single “cuties” showcases their bedroom pop aesthetics. Or, since they note “I made these songs alone in my basement,” maybe we should call it basement pop. Either way, “cuties” talks about their libra nature pushing them to fall in love with strangers everyday. It’s a common feeling as you try to figure out yourself; you imagine yourself with various strangers and what your life could look like. Their deep voice over quiet guitar picking and shimmering cymbals give an intimate feeling, like we’re just discussing our emotions and the conversation just happens to be set to music.

 The next track, “smudged glasses” also deals with figuring out identity and where you belong. “Trampled paths are laid out in front of me, I’ll take a u-haul to escape” they tell us. The drums speed up near the end of the song, building a feeling that we do need to escape. “It might be easier for me to be misunderstood” they sing over rolling drums and crashing cymbals. We’re all just doing the best we can.

 Pick up the tracks from their bandcamp page.

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