mp3: "Elephant Girl" - Soft Fangs

mp3: "Elephant Girl" - Soft Fangs

Our heroes over at GFP premiered this dazzling new single from Soft Fangs and its beauty is so immediately striking that we can't seem to quit listening. "Elephant Girl" is the first track from the artist's upcoming Disposable America release, out Sept. 1. Beginning with whispers of strumming, the track quickly reveals its secrets - with a beautiful cascade of drums and guitar. It's a steady, soft backing that continues as vocalist John Lutkevich shares secrets with careful, hushed thought. The vocals are etched with a huskiness and at times it's so soft that you're forced to closely lend your entire ear. The idea of giving yourself over to this song completely is what makes it so special; for if you're willing to listen, Soft Fangs has quite the story to tell. 

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