mp3: "Every Day's the Weekend" - Alex Lahey

Alex Lahey is ready to scoop you up from whatever disaster this has wrought and drop you off into a single of swinging melodies and absolute fun. "Every Day's the Weekend" is anthemic and unstoppable, setting a breakneck pace from the beginning as Lahey continues her declaration that no matter what day it is, no matter what friend broke your heart or forgot you, it's okay, "don't look/just jump in." With its gunning guitar and choir of shouts, the track becomes one to repeat and dance along to. It's a party from start to finish and may just be enough to help you temporarliy shake off your cares and celebrate even the smallest victory.

mp3: "Say You" - Strange Relations

photos: The Coathangers with Residuels at Beat Kitchen (7/27/17)