mp3: "Fantasy Nails" - Mini Dresses

mp3: "Fantasy Nails" - Mini Dresses

Mini Dresses have long been the soundtrack to our daydreams and our doldrums, their beautifully entrancing pop acting as a soothing constant. This September the group will release a self-titled LP on Joy Void, which was "recorded mostly at home on laptops." "Fantasy Nails" is the album's lead single, a delicate, airy melody driven by the sounds of seemingly warped strings and vocalist Lira Mondal's piercing soprano. It's careful and subtle, moving at the pace of a woozy waltz, inviting you to sit awhile in their spell. When so many moments of our days are felt to be rushed and full of mundane business, "Fantasy Nail" is a welcome invitation to slow down and just dream. 

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