mp3: "Garden Hose" - Strawberry Runners

words: Sarah Hojsak

Something about Strawberry Runners feels so familiar, in the most comforting way. Perhaps it comes from the poignant lyrics that cut straight to the heart or the mountain-brewed country and folk influences songwriter Emi Night cites as inspiration, but if anything, it’s a testament to the strength that peeks through the autobiographical, nomadic songs. “Garden Hose” is the first song Strawberry Runners has shared from their upcoming debut EP In the Garden, In the Night, though many of the five tracks have been well-loved live since Night started the project in 2013. The EP itself is two years in the making, as Night gathered personal details from her years roaming across the country –  from Indiana to Denver to Brooklyn – to form a collection of wistful yet catchy songs of life, love, and grief. “Shallow breathing, little lungs, you’re feeling scared of what you know, terrified of what you don’t know,” Night sings amid lively trumpets on “Garden Hose,” her suppliant vocals building into a plea of “say my name, don’t ever stop.”

In the Garden, In the Night is out October 20 via Salinas Records.

mp3: "Division" - Mini Dresses

mp3: "Division" - Mini Dresses

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