mp3: "Glitter" - Charly Bliss

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Photo: Shervin Lainez

words: Kat Harding

Ahead of their highly anticipated debut album, NYC pop-rockers Charly Bliss have released “Glitter” out into the world. The first single off Guppy, to come out April 21 on Barsuk Records, the video is a close up of the cutest goldfish swim-swim-swimming around its tank, bopping along from side to side. A glimpse into a day in the life of a pet fish.

The mesmerizing imagery aside, Eva Hendrick’s smooth vocals slip and slide over rocking guitars and energetic drums, hypnotizing you in its own way. With Spencer Fox on guitar, Eva’s brother Sam on drums, and Dan Shure on bass, the band is just the right amount of polished pop paired with garage-rock ethos. Eva’s words are completely unexpected in traditional pop, hiding the subversion in her sugary vocals, she lays it out, singing “You’re a joke or I’m just mean, I can’t cum and I can’t lie, I can’t stop making myself cry.” Their pop is incredibly honest, asking “am I the best? Or just the first person to say yes?” The thought provoking and often harsh lyrics, catchy melodies, and danceable beats of “Glitter” are a great sneak peek into what Guppy is going to offer: you won’t want to sleep on this album. Catch them on tour during the spring in the weeks leading up to the album release. 

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