mp3: "Green" - Young Jesus

photo: Travis Button

photo: Travis Button

There's a deep beauty to be found in honesty, especially when it comes to opening up about a personal struggle. On "Green," Young Jesus puts anxiety to song, in a track that's "an ode to living with contemporary anxiety and disassociation. Rather than turning away, it is about embracing the strange intimacies between objects and selves. Influenced by the writings of Timothy Morton, Donna Haraway, Wang An-Shih, and Hsieh Ling-Yun, Green looks to live in a world both uncomfortable and awe-inspiring, frightening and beautiful. There may be no solution, but there is always the hope of being with each other in this space and making-do with what we have." The track is illuminating and striking, a steady, repetitious guitar line and drums lulling you into a sense of comfort and ease, as if Young Jesus is finally singing of all that we struggle with and hide from. It's fitting that the track makes use of the same sound throughout, as anxiety is often a persistent battle, a repeated cycle, but this song provides a glimmer of hope, an ending of sharp, static and noise that tucks itself into your heart, leaving an unforgettable impression. The band's S/T release is out 9/12.

Creator Chats: Connor Murray (Crafted Sounds) & Billy Philhower (Too Far Gone Records & Day Crush Records)

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