mp3: "Greyhound" - Prawn

mp3: "Greyhound" - Prawn

words: Gordon Phillips

“Old friend, I miss you,” sings Prawn vocalist Tony Clark in the opening stanza of “Greyhound,” the third single from the venerable New Jersey four-piece’s upcoming LP, Run.  For long-time Prawn fans, “Greyhound” is an embodiment of that very sentiment, succinctly revisiting the components of Prawn’s sound that the band has carefully refined as trademarks during their nine-year existence.  

Prawn’s calculated handling of dynamics guide the song’s momentum from start to finish, nimbly shifting between crushing twin tides of guitar distortion in the first post-chorus back to reverb and chorus-drenched clean chords in the second verse.  Drummer Jamie Houghton mirrors these shifts, retreating to pulsating floor tom-oriented verse and bridge beats before unleashing crash cymbals and open high-hats at the song’s more climatic passages. 

Likely tied to Run’s fantastic Carlie Wagers-designed cover art, Clark repeats “I know your dogs run free” over the dramatic post-rock swells of clean guitar that have long populated Prawn records at the track’s musical apex before slipping back to the streamlined, driving refrain.  

For listeners familiar with Prawn’s sound, “Greyhound” is a safe, but reassuring and endearing reminder of the band’s strengths.  For new listeners or peripheral fans looking to further explore Prawn’s catalog, “Greyhound” is an excellent starting point—palatable and accessible while still indicative of the depth and substance that the band brings to each record.  Whatever a listener’s degree of familiarity with Prawn’s prior releases, all signs (“Greyhounds” included) point to Run as one of the year’s clear “can’t-miss” releases. 

Topshelf Records (Ratboys, Braid, Del Paxton) is releasing Run, Prawn’s third full-length, on September 29th.  The record is available for preorder here.