mp3: "Half Step Back" - thanks for coming

Our friends at Post Trash premiered this single and gave the interesting backstory on thanks for coming's multi-state collaboration. "Half Step Back" is the lead single from their upcoming split on Yellow K Records, which features two regional variations of the same band. The EP is out this Friday and ahead of that you have the poetic fuzz and sugar-coated sincerity of "Half Step Back." It's a tale of fitting in, the desire to ditch sadness and uncertainty to find a home, a place that you know. You know those moments in life when something can seem so daunting and all seems to be crumbling around you, but you're so desperate to find a slice of happiness that you look for beauty in the simplest places; that's what the single reminds me of. Tinged in fuzz and immediately memorable, the track buzzes with an unmistakable heart. 

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