mp3: "Hiding to Nothing" - Lovely Bad Things

In 2013, the Lovely Bad Things totally rocked our world and stole our hearts with the incredible The Late Great Whatever. Now, the wait for new music is over and the band is back with "Hiding to Nothing," the first single off an upcoming Burger Records EP out 3/31. The track is sweet and sentimental, beginning with the familiar fuzz lulled of guitars, their pacing deliberate and careful, providing a beautiful backing for a back and forth vocal exchange. The track is a poetic confession, the band sharing of apprehension, fear and wasted time, a desperation to figure it all out. The whole thing glistens with the sweetness and innocence of 90s rock and it's a really perfect way for the band to announce their return.

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mp3: "The Nevers" - Early Riser

mp3: "The Nevers" - Early Riser