mp3: "Hoarder House" - Dogbreth

photo: Stillman Busselle

photo: Stillman Busselle

words: Jordan Gorsuch

Songwriter and guitarist Tristan Jemsek and crew deliver an absolute ripper that clocks in under two minutes and includes a powerful sing-along chorus and an incredible barn burner solo. Dogbreth's newest album, Second Home, seeks to imbue a sense of DIY punk spirit to go along with lean power-pop and Brit guitars. Jemsek understands the economy of writing - the song only possesses five lines - and details their own faults that lead to a failed relationship. Standard stuff, sure, but Dogbreth comes through with fun energy and some original wordplay. "I can't let anyone into this hoarder house of a heart," Jemsek concludes as this raucous song comes to a close. Second Home comes out August 5 on Asian Man.

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