mp3: "Home, Sweet Home" - Baby!

In our minds, we can escape to anywhere we dream. On single "Home, Sweet Home" BABY! dreams of a perfect home, building a place in her head where all are made of clay and everything is as she wishes. It's the first single from Kaley Honeycutt aka Baby!'s solo debut, an EP coming this April on Yellow K Records. A full length is expected later this year, but in the meantime we have this fuzzy, blast of reckless fun that beams with positivity and crashes all about your thoughts. It exudes the kind of energy that you wanna stomp on the sidewalk off into the sunset or round up your friends and create a hopscotch outline. It's really fun and youthful, a small glimmer of a summer that's just around the corner. 

mp3: "The Nevers" - Early Riser

mp3: "The Nevers" - Early Riser

mp3: "Trash Day" - Golf Lexapro