mp3: "I Found You" - Dott


There's a certain feeling that accompanies the experience of falling in love with someone that's so perfectly beyond your wildest dreams. A perpetual rainbow follows your steps, everything seems newer and brighter, and in this person you see a version of yourself you never knew. "I Found You," from Dott brings that magic to life with repetitious, wistful surf rock. A haze of fuzz lingers about their vocals and remains as the song's final moments fade out, reverb being the last remainder of those few blissful moments. Whether you're in love or just enjoying the sunshine, "I Found You," will encourage you out into the sunshine to take the hand of someone you love. Their EP drops 8/5.

podcast: The Grey Estates Podcast #7: Sarah Robbins (Alright & Faye & Self Aware Records)

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