mp3: "I'm Not" - Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues will release their LP on May 19 through Infinity Cat Records and ahead of that they're serving up some seriously memorable peeks. "I'm Not" is their signature sludgy, garage pop but the message behind it makes any of my words about the single meaningless. Instead, we'll share what the band told NPR in an e-mail. 

 "As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I spent a long time going through every reason why it had to have been my fault, until I finally started to come to grips with the fact that it wasn't, which wasn't until very recently,"drummer Emily Maxwell said. "I'm Not," she says, is about the unique pain of feeling like your trauma is ignored, and of watching people treat an abuser as "a good and kind person [who] should be allowed to continue on with their pleasant and perfect world." The track is meant to provide some comfort to those in a dark time and to help anyone who may feel alone.

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