mp3: "Jaded" - Winter

Longtime favorites, Winter, take inspiration from all of our favorite 90s things for new single "Jaded". The track takes its cue from the Breeders and 10 Things I Hate About You, creating a noisy, glistening reflection on remaining dedicated to a creative practice. The vocals of Samira Winter take on an edginess, their attitude backed by a thunderous, fuzzy backing of guitar and drums. The signature syrupy sweetness of Winter's soprano stands in stark contrast to the aggressive instruments, making for a head-spinning single that will have you dreaming of high school dances where Winter is the special guest. According to a release, the track is "a meditation on being a musician or anyone working in an over saturated industry, at a time where you can
feel so overwhelmed and undervalued." "Jaded" will give you that extra morale boost of inspiration needed to continue, with a gentle nudge it pushes you to keep at it, and remember your dreams.

mp3: "Middle School" - Hardly Boys

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