mp3: "Just A Gwen" - Art School Jocks

"Just A Gwen" is one of the most important tracks you'll hear this year. On top of being a fuzz-fueled jaunt, it's also sharing a message especially crucial for these times. The band describes the track as "one reminder in a long lineage of reminders that we live in a society that places the responsibility for harassment and rape prevention on the women affected by it. Campus organizations, articles and pamphlets suggest ways to avoid becoming a target ranging from self-defense pointers to more conservative fashion recommendations, rather than educating men on consent and the harm of sexual harassment." It's the first taste of an upcoming EP from Father/Daughter Records out June 2 and for anyone who has ever experienced the fear of watching your drink, nighttime walks alone or just the uncomfortable prickle of being in your skin this is a reminder that we need to do more. How fucked up is it that we have to walk with keys between our fingers and constantly be afraid of what looms behind our shoulder? Let this song ignite your rage and resistance. 

mp3: "Marlin Spike" - Hoop

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