mp3: "Kismet" - Posse

mp3: "Kismet" - Posse

Posse helps Secretly Canadian kickstart their Document record series with single "Kismet." Each album in the series "takes inspiration from the original concept behind the founding of the label's attempt to document their home city of Omaha through music and art. Each release featured in the Document series will comprise of an exclusive 7-inch record featuring unreleased music from various artists outside of the label’s roster and a specially curated zine highlighting the artist’s hometown /music scene." Posse's contribution is "Kismet," a stormy, emotive single that has the band interchanging vocals, crashing subtly into each other, their questioning nearly whispered, only pausing for a midway break of thunderous instrumentals. It's a moving puzzle, the pieces coming together to paint a single that's gloomy, but in a beautiful, mysterious way. 

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