mp3: "Know A Man" & "It's Fine" - Hello, I'm Sorry


Seattle's Hello, I'm Sorry released two singles, both of which are breezy, and sun-kissed, their easiness and unhurried emotion made perfect for summer days of staring into cloudless skies. "Know A Man" actually sings of summer, and the beauty in throwing back the drapes, and feeling it all. Vocals hued in fuzz barely rise above the casual strings and drums, like a summer secret you have to listen to intently to fully unearth. Fellow single, "It's Fine" is pensive, and though its instrumental mood is light, the story of knowing "we could never be what I planned," is anything but. It's hushed and billowing, a perfect match for a track that sings of feeling safe on a porch watching the sunset with someone you care for. Together, the tracks are made for summer days of laying on a colorful blanket and daydreaming. 

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