mp3: "last girl" & "be seeing you" - Soccer Mommy


Part of Soccer Mommy's unmistakable charm lies in their painstaking and at times, heartbreaking honesty. On For Young Hearts we fell in love with the jubilant sadness, an embracing of feelings, even the worst ones, in order to create, and perhaps heal. The two latest singles continue that trend. "last girl" uses bouncing guitar, and carefree instrumentals to provide a strikingly happy backing for a song of anxiety and worry. In it, the ruminations of wondering whether you'll ever be as perfect, cool or pretty as the "last girl" that came before you in a relationship play out. It's a feeling we're all prone to, and while we might tuck it away in our hearts and minds, Soccer Mommy brings that fear to the forefront. "be seeing you" takes desperation for an earlier time and backs it with breezy, beautiful strings. The anguish that can accompany missing someone and wishing so desperately you could travel back in time, and hold tight to that most perfect moment doesn't seem nearly as heartbreaking or hard with such a subtle, sweet soundtrack. Together the singles are a sunny slice of summer romance and heartbreak, a page ripped from a diary, soaked with tears and curling in the sun. 

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