mp3: "Little Dream" - Rachel Haden

words: Jordan Gorsuch

Rachel Haden, founder of both the Rentals and That Dog, released The Luci Parade EP, her debut solo endeavor last year. It is surprising that someone with a background in music as extensive as herself than took more than two decades to go solo. The wait was well worth it - lead single "Little Dream" builds on all of the promise of her previous EP and doubles down on the scope. Melodies and countermelodies overwhelm the listener as acoustic guitar strums and textures are added in with gliding vocals and hummed harmonies that weave together a illuminating and haunting tapestry. "I try running off steam, but steam's running off me," Haden sings before the wall of buzzing, atmospheric synths and textures flow together with her high-octave duet with herself. The track begins and ends with her humming lullaby - the push and pull of a revolving door; the song is cyclical but the impact transcends. July 6 comes out on 7/6 via Greenway Records.

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