mp3: "Love Is" - Dude York

Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but Dude York keeps the heat of love alive on their new single "Love Is." It's the third track from their fierce upcoming full length Sincerely, and has bassist Claire England taking the lead on vocals. According to English, the track is about "the balance you face when turning your experiences into art and the line you cross when realizing you are a participant in someone else’s story as much as they are in yours, especially in a history of music where women’s contributions have been routinely overshadowed or villainized in comparison to their male partners." The track is a thunderstorm from start to finish, knocking you back with a kick-ass conclusion. Navigating love is never easy, and Dude York lessens the blow and confusion with five minutes you can get totally lost in. 

photos: The Coathangers with The Paranoyds & Zig Zags at The Resident, Los Angeles, California (2/17/17)

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