mp3: "“Lucy Stone” - Katie Ellen

words: Sarah Hojsak

From the end of Chumped came the beginning of Katie Ellen – created by two of the former’s members, Anika Pyle and Dan Frelly, the project debuted with the TV Dreams 7” last year and will release their first full length this summer. Cowgirl Blues is out July 14, and if lead single “Lucy Stone” is any indication, we should all put this at the top of our mental lists of anticipated summer releases – the short but energetic track is both politically poignant and personally reflective. The song, so named for the 19th century abolitionist and suffragist Lucy Stone, an outspoken women’s rights advocate, is actually the first song Pyle wrote for Katie Ellen. A 2015 demo can be found on bandcamp, but the new, polished version captures the song’s urgency in a new context. Opening with “Well I don't wanna have your children / Does that make me less of a woman? / I don't believe in getting married / It's a social economic prison,” the song moves to confessions of love paired with the lingering recognition that “Love is not enough” and “Nothing is forever.” It’s a bold stance, and one that proves Katie Ellen know who they are and aren’t hesitant to stand up for what they want.  

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