mp3: "Marlin Spike" - Hoop

words: Sarah Hojsak

According to their bandcamp page, Hoop is dedicated to “expressing the feelings we get from knowing people, learning about the world we live in, and making our own worlds.” The Seattle four-piece creates just the kind of soft, meandering indie rock that is perfect for these kinds of things - their new single “Marlin Spike” feels like a small, secluded world of its own. The lead track from their upcoming debut LP Super Genuine, explores the intricacies and frustrations of intimacy and the consequences of sharing your heart. “You had to tell me the way around your weakness / instead of finding the reason for your hardship,” sings Hoop, with airy vocals and layered harmonies. Heartbreak and hardship go hand in hand, pain and acceptance intertwine – it’s fitting, somehow, that a marlin spike is a sharp pointed tool used in marine rope work for disentangling knots. Unsettling and calming all at once, the song reflects just how hopelessly complicated yet how shockingly simple life can sometimes seem. 

Hoop is Caitlin Roberts, Pamela Santiago, Leena Joshi, and Inge Chiles. Super Genuine is out May 19.  

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