mp3: "Mezzanine" - Casper & the Cookies & "Don't Stop Believe in Music" - Elekibass


Future Oak Record Co. celebrated the return of Athens Popfest with two (!!) new single releases from Casper & the Cookies and Elekibass. We're streaming the A-side from each of the releases below, giving you a small sampling of why you need to purchase the limited edition releases for yourself. 

"Mezzanine" from Casper & the Cookies is sweeping and sunny, its exuberance urging you to soak in three-minutes of pure bliss under a cloudless sky. Despite lyrics that talk of ceased wonders and a hope spring run dry, the bubbly spirit of "Mezzanine" leaves you with an undeniable hopefulness, an itch to pass through towns and begin a journey of your own.

Its Popfest release counterpart, "Don't Stop Believe in Music" is equally as sweet. Combining lyrics in Japanese and English, Elekibass' whimsical nature carries you straight to the fantastical land depicted in the single artwork. The message of the track is endearing and true, as wherever we find ourselves in the world the idea of giving your heart wholly to the artists you love and believing in their work is something we're all familiar with. After a listen to both below, you'll find it impossible not to believe in the music of these artists. Pick up your copy and pretend that you got to soak in the Athens sun of Popfest. 

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