mp3: "Not Dead Yet" & "Bike Riding" - Brunch Club

Maybe it's because I internalize all music to somehow fit whatever I'm going through, but the two singles from Brunch Club's DEMOS are kind of the perfect blanket to cover any life woes. "Not Dead Yet" is a jangly beautiful glimmer of hope, a reminder that no matter how fast the time goes, we're still here and should revel in the moment. While "Bike Riding" uses breezy strumming and deeply honest melodies to bring a tale of riding a bike with the chain undone to life. But it's more than just a bike ride, as the single is one of admittance, acknowledging life faults, shrugging them off and finding the hope in today. Find your own inner peace or just a new way of looking at things with the music of Brunch Club.

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