mp3: "Out There" - Lomelda

Never knowing what's beyond, what comes next is both thrilling and frightening. It's beautiful being able to imagine and daydream of all the things that could be possible, while also knowing that as hard as we try to see what's coming we never really knew. On "Out There" Lomelda conures that sentiment to song in a song that's about "never knowing." Vocalist Hannah Read sings with a gentle ease, her drawl coming as a soft, sincere force - "here I sit in darkness/waiting for what's out there." "Out There" darts about with a free spirit, seemingly following a clear unseen path to whatever awaits us after. It's the kind of track that allows you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and dream of everything you hope comes next. The track is from THX coming out on Double Double Whammy.

mp3: "Atom Bombs & Shitty Songs" - Jesse Gage

album: Deep Dream - Daddy Issues