mp3: “Out Worn” - Soccer Mommy

photo: Ebru Yildiz 

photo: Ebru Yildiz 

words: Sarah Hojsak

Soccer Mommy, the project of New York/Nashville’s Sophie Allison, returns this summer with Collection, an 8-track mini-album of sorts full of some new songs and some reworked older ones. It’s not out until August, but for now we have the bright and summery “Out Worn” to enjoy – a new track brimming with a warm-weather itching for change. Capturing Soccer Mommy’s self-described “chill but kinda sad” vibe, “Out Worn” combines the restlessness of a stagnant relationship with the hope of what could be. “I want the feeling of being admired / You only taught me to be out worn / This ain’t the love that I had desired / I’m sick of living in your eyes,” Allison sings. As she tells NPR, it’s a song “about feeling a need for validation and feeling belittled by that need,” a crushing feeling Allison works hard to overcome with this release. Collection is out August 4 via Fat Possum.

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