mp3 premiere: "Alpha Rats Quarterback" - Mrs. Hopewell

Chris Nicastro aka Mrs Hopewell.png

There's a hopeful quality to the lead single from Mrs. Hopewell's upcoming LP Goodbyes Are Just Shitty See You Laters. "Alpha Rats Quarterback" rings with honesty, as singer Christopher Nicastro sings openly of a possibly misinterpreted college relationship. It's a confusion we can all relate to; the desperation that comes with looking back, and wondering. The shimmering, brilliant guitar acts in a whirlwind-like fashion, trapping you in its stunning noise, including the vocals of Nicastro that are tinged just a touch with warm fuzz. It's a moment that has so much to discover and you'll wish to repeat again and again. According to Nicastro the track comes as a result of renewed creativity. 

"After a pretty severe bout with depression that put this project on a number of separates hiatuses, I finally hit another wave of creativity. Anyone who liked previous Mrs. Hopewell material may very well hate this new stuff. It's poppy, it's groovy, it's easy to dance to: all the shit people didn't come to Mrs. Hopewell for previously."

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