mp3 premiere: "Beatitudes" - Golf Lexapro

On the debut single as Golf Lexapro, James Rainis reveals a confession. Backed by an unwavering and gorgeous guitar line, Rainis turns to religion and the unknown that awaits us. It's a really beautiful and moving few moments, and as Rainis explains the song's meaning holds a much deeper truth

"Beatitudes" is a play on the blessings found in the Gospel of Matthew. As a lapsed Catholic and recreational alcoholic, Sundays are wrought with guilt - it's hard to tell if it's the hangover or something bigger. This song tries to address the weird prevalence of drugs and alcohol amongst people my age and how it might be a way for us to cope with the doubt that comes with aging, whether that is in a higher power or whatever.

The full EP is out 3/10 on Fluorescent Thought and you can see Golf Lexparo at Silent Barn that night.  

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