mp3 premiere: "Bottle Rocket" - ahem

Beneath a bunker, ahem recorded their debut EP Just Wanna Be and as you'll hear on the album's first single, "Bottle Rocket," it's as if the band is trying to break down every wall that surrounds them. It's a track of thundering empowerment, as the hazy dreams of everything the band wants to be are bolstered by electric percussion and guitar. Whether imaging a tree of their own to climb or envisioning explorations that take them out of the doldrums of adulthood, "Bottle Rocket," is about blasting off and finding whatever you dream of. It's pure adrenaline driven punk, and even if you dream of spending another day on the couch watching Futurama (me) you'll feel more than prepared to do it.

Pre-order this most amazing EP from Forged Artifacts. It's out 10/7.

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