mp3 premiere: "Bright Lines" - yOya

mp3 premiere: "Bright Lines" - yOya

Don't be fooled by the misleadingly soft and playful keys and percussion that comprise this track from yOya, "Bright Lines" is taking a stand in what the band describes as a protest song. The single will be out officially on Friday through New Professor Music, but you can stream the entire thing ahead of that below. Twinkling keys shine like bright glistening diamonds throughout until the track nears its conclusion and slowly unfurls, gathering additional resounding instrumentals, creating a soaring finish. As the band explains about the track:

Noah Dietterich: "It's a political song. You know what a bright-line rule is? The idea is a well-defined rule with such a narrow edge, it's easy to tell which side everyone's standing on. And that's important! I want clear rules where we need them. But it's not always the way the world works. There's no bright line at the start of our lives, no universal line between right and wrong, there isn't a bright line dividing me from you. And this is a society stratified in so many ways with bright lines. If you have any doubt where you fit, the edifice will be only too happy to tell you."

Alex Pfender: "With every sharp division you make, you lose some nuance. The song searches for that lost nuance. One lyric imagines the person who owns the land I'll be buried in: who is he, how does he have more claim to it than I do? Is he a good person? And yet there is someone out there who loves him unconditionally."

Dietterich: "I've spent so much of the last few years just overwhelmed, trying to push in the right direction. So the song ends uncertain – 'what am I fighting for?' – maybe I am fighting, but am I just fighting within the boundaries?"

Tour Dates:

  • 2/6 - Minneapolis @ 7th St Entry*
  • 2/7 - Appleton @ Riverview Gardens (Mile Of Music Presents)^
  • 2/8 - Davenport @ Racoon Motel*
  • 2/9 - Madison @ Frequency*
  • 2/10 - Chicago @ Red Room*
  • 2/17 - NYC @ Pianos

*with JE Sunde and Cuddle Magic
^with JE Sunde