mp3 premiere: "Carnivores" - The Young Couples

Think back to the first time you experienced heartbreak? When you're young it can be this all consuming feeling, and at times it comes in conflicting waves - the freedom of being on your own, the fear of being alone and the desire to wreck their heart as badly as they wrecked yours. The Young Couples put those feelings to song on "Carnivores," the latest track from their upcoming Dadstache release. The band is Ian Proper (ex-Sports) who is joined by a rotating cast of musicians from bands like Cherry Glazerr, Howlo, Pleistocene and more. On this track, Proper slickly maneuvers his way through love with a groovy, stylish power pop ballad that wouldn't seem out of place blasting forth on the dance floors in the 80s. It's a total throwback, shinning in part to Proper's swoon-worthy falsetto, which receives a perfect duo accompaniment from vocalist Katie Preston. "Carnivores" is the song you'd put on your breakup playlist for after hours cry sessions or attempts to hit the club and drown your sorrows in the arms of someone else. As Proper explains,

"Carnivores is a song about a person's first big romantic loss. I was trying to put myself in the head space of how that feels. It's a romantic feeling, but it can also can feel arrogant and slightly vengeful. These are the feelings of young love. 

This was the second song we recorded for the EP and the first featuring Katie Preston. Her vocals added so much, the counterpoint was crucial in the feeling of the song. Since the recording The Young Couples, as a live band featuring Beth Watson, Erick Perrine and Dylan Stock, have transformed the song into something that only can be experienced live. "

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