mp3 premiere: "Cherry Tree" - CHUCK

words: Kassie Salas

Our favorite bedroom pop musician who hails from Brooklyn, CHUCK mixes ‘80s New Wave, ‘90s Alternative and modern day emo in his final album Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store which comes out 8/18 on Audio Antihero Records. Even though our hearts are breaking over the news of CHUCK’s departure, we just can’t get enough of “Cherry Tree.” It's a sweet little tune that’ll send everyone’s hearts soaring as soon as they hear Charles Griffin Gibson saying the words “Meet me by the cherry tree, I don’t wanna bite ya,” accompanied with sorrowful yet bright instrumentals. It’s the perfect tune to listen to while thinking about the one you miss, or even when you're just lounging about, soaking up the last little bit of warmth provided by the Summer sun right before Fall arrives.

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