mp3 premiere: "Cigarettes" - Shybaby

Photo: Pedro Estevez

Photo: Pedro Estevez

If you haven't yet entered the world of dating apps, consider yourself lucky. It's a hellscape filled with complete and total weirdos, and Shybaby took one of their encounters and put it to song. "Cigarettes" is a howling look back at a Tinder date that tasted of smoke. It swaggers with confidence and hits from the start. Vocalist Grace Eire details the experience with such ferocity, her bandmates providing a gunning and gritty backing that provides track a fiery, tenacious attitude.

According to Grace, "The idea for the song came from a Tinder date who kissed me and apologized for tasting like cigarettes, but it's not about him. It's about lusting after things, and often people, almost solely because they're bad for me. It's a simple song because it's a simple and all too common concept; it's a repetitive song because it's kind of a cyclical and addictive habit.

The song is also kind of a lie to myself in that I will sometimes smoke a cigarette outside of a bar at 1-4 am, and the kind of comfort I create probably isn't what I really want."

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