mp3 premiere: "Different Life" - Feed

The skittering strings and menacing reverb that begin Feed's "Different Life" are a suitable soundtrack for this time of year, and as the track continues it only gets better. Feed will release their self-titled full length on Help Yourself Records on 11/17 and we're honored to bring you the first single. Although the track's beginnings are energized and intriguing it's the sudden burst of spacey noise and guttural guitars that really get things going. The band sweeps you into this whirlwind of ferocious, biting sounds, leaving your head spinning in a most surprising trip. With just three members, Feed manages to make a sound that's larger than one could even expect; they wrote, recorded, and mixed all 9 song themselves on a Tascam 8-track cassette machine in their Georgetown practice space. This track was the first to inspire the rest as the band explains:

"'Different Life' rocks, definitively. It was one of the first songs we wrote together as a band and the whole thing came together really fast. That immediacy set the tone for what we were trying to do with FEED sonically. Once we wrote "Different Life" we could tell we were on to something, and it provided the framework - the vibe, the tones, the ideas - we wanted to explore in the rest of the tracks on the tape"