mp3 premiere: "FFFA" - Tyler Daniel Bean

Photo: Lauren Mazzotta

Photo: Lauren Mazzotta

Tyler Daniel Bean came out on the other side of an extensive battle with depression with an album. On Days Soon To Pass out 11/18 through Skeletal Lightning and Tor Johnson Records is a culmination of poems, and the intimacy of this period is elegantly reflected in the latest single "FFFA". Amidst a story of questioning his presence ("what the hell am I doing here?) Bean avoids phone calls, commitment and a day job that fills him with dread. It's a battle against his fears, against the darkness that threatens to swallow him whole and the smallest glimmer of hope shines in warm acoustics and drums. It's a single of resilience and fighting for yourself and the answers you so desperately seek from life. As the album's accompanying press explains:

"To understand this record is to look at its dark, dense surface matter, and see beyond it to the beacon that is love; it is to recognize that functioning in the face of fear is to strive to be fully human; it is finding a way to truly say I want to live, even recognizing the relentlessness of the battle."

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