mp3 premiere: "Fine Line" - Humble Fire


Humble Fire fights back against the sentiment that we should smile through it all on single "Fine Line". It's the latest track from their upcoming Builder release out July 28. Despite the light, airy vocals and glistening instrumentals, the message of "Fine Line" comes with serious, impacting weight. All too often we're taught to smile through the pain or hide our true emotions, but "Fine Line" banishes that practice and challenges why we force ourselves to wear a fake grin. "I'm alright, I'm put on your smile and wear it for a little awhile," Nefra Faltas sings, all the while a secret is hidden behind that smile and in the single's dreamy ideals.

The band explains:

"Fine Line" explores the the exhaustion of resisting the pressure women often face to "smile" while struggling to cope with emotional pain. The musical arrangement reflects this tension through meandering, dissonant verses that unravel into a coda of insistent vocal repetition, disorienting key changes, and a cross-rhythmic synth loop.

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