mp3 premiere: "Flavored Soul" - Woozles

For the briefest moment, Woozles let us in. The languid "Flavored Soul" is a deep secret, inspired by a period of depression and loss. We're allowed in, drawn in to a sparse single, where vocals serve as the focal point, rising above subtle instrumentals. It's intimate and revealing, and as Woozle's Conor Ryan explains, it's meant to encourage us, even on the darkest days. The album will be out 2/10 on Deadplant Records.

I'm originally from Connecticut, but in the Fall I was out at a very tiny college in California. For about four years now I've struggled with depression and it was an emotionally turbulent few months out there. One night I opened my google doc where I write all my lyrics, which is also my diary, and basically picked up my bass to try and put some of them to music. I had been listening a lot to the album World of Echo by Arthur Russell, so I wanted to try to create a soundscape similar to that.
I wrote the lyrics to Flavored Soul a few days after my grandpa passed away. We were very close and it was especially hard being across the country hearing the news and not being able to come back to be with family. He was an amazing person and is one of the main reasons I even started playing music in the first place. I wanted this song to basically be a mission statement to help me get through my depressed periods by saying, "Hey, everything feels awful and numb, but try to enjoy the little things you have like this berry smoothie and maybe that will eventually help you through the bigger things." 

photos: Allison Crutchfield & the Fizz with Radiator Hospital, Pinkwash at Black Cat, Washington DC (2/2/17)

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