mp3 premiere: "Frappuccino Love" - Pleather

It's quite possibly that "Frappucino Love" is destined to be your new song of the summer. Coming from Pleather's Tether EP, the single is equal parts playful and spacey. The Seattle duo's newest track comes at the perfect time, its pulsing rhythms, sensual undertones and funky instrumentals going down like the much hyped sugar-loaded Unicorn Frappuccino. It's a track to be played as loud as possible and dance away your troubles to. The band will head out on a West Coast tour, check their Facebook for dates, and describe the upcoming release as, "exploring a distorted future landscape with throbbing drum machines, midi guitar synths, and sassy vocals. Lyrical themes of gender, body commodification and creative value drive a unique brand of fractured and sneakily catchy guitar pop.  Pleather is comprised of Andrew McKibben and Claire Nelson (Butter Ball), reformed ex-rock musicians from Seattle bands M. Women and FF. "Tether" is meant to get stuck in peoples heads while also leaving them wondering what just happened. 

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