mp3 premiere: "Garbage Collector" - OxenFree

photo: Diane Russo

photo: Diane Russo

We all have that day or period where we want to chase after everything we dream and leave the responsibilities of life to someone else. OxenFree embraces that freedom in the sweeping and contagiously joyful "Garbage Collector." The single comes from their EP Another Land out 10/13 and it swaggers with confidence and a joyous spirit. There's something about the howling, husky vocals of Jeff Doyle that catch you immediately with their conviction and the band's fuzzy guitar and kicked up instrumentals help to drive home the song's tenacious energy. It's a perfect way to kick off your week or just pick you up when everything around you seems so dark.

Doyle says the single was "inspired by a late night spent in Burlington on the road with Say Brother last year. It embraces the peace of traveling around in a van with friends, ignoring the enduring pressure to live a life defined by ‘winning’ and others’ expectations of you.”

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