mp3 premiere: "Golden Years" (David Bowie) - Wesley Jensen & Claire Morales

For her latest in a series of cover songs, Claire Morales is joined by Wesley Jensen to add their flair to a David Bowie staple - "Golden Years". The pair brings a slow, magnetic hypnotism to the track, drawing us into a star-lit sparkled dance. It's glamorous and utterly bewitching, and as the pair explains, they hoped their take on this classic would shimmer and swirl. Below the track is a gallery of accompanying images shot by The Vision Beautiful with HMU by Marina Girgis

"Our goal was to modernize this song without ruining the integrity of the already perfect original. Making it a duet and changing the instrumentation were good ways to make it feel fresh. As far as the arrangement, it's just such a great open canvas of a song that it was really easy to add layer after layer. The wheels started turning immediately with all of the possibilities. We knew we wanted it to be dynamic, with a solid rhythm section keeping things together and everything else  swirling around it in open space. We wanted beautiful harmonies to shimmer on top of everything else, and then we called it a day." 

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