mp3 premiere: "Gossip Girl - Tony Peachka & "The Lake" - Ahem


Minneapolis is currently an overwhelming, epicenter of talent, and Forged Artifacts is shining a spotlight on some of the artists worthy of your attention. Two of those acts are ones we've previously discussed before - Tony Peachka & Ahem. Both bands are among the list of talent participating in Forged Artifacts' The Greatest of All-Time Vol. 2, a compilation benefitting ACLU & Hopewell Music in North Minneapolis. 

"Gossip Girl" from Tony Peachka is bratty punk in its purest, a ragged guitar line dodging drums and cries lamenting everyday struggles - "I'm bored, I'm horny, I'm lonely." It's a glance into our thoughts at their most basic and pure, only these daydreams come with a tart soundtrack, a sucker punch of fuzzy punk that's both jolting and endearing - just like your favorite sour candy.

Ahem's "The Lake" is the melodious, gunning garage rock that we've come to so adore from this band. The pummeling pounds of drums and thunderous guitar come together with a vocal picture of a sunny day at "The Lake," where all is perfect and you're happy to "just be around" with the ones you love. It's short, but romantic, allowing you to listen in, close your eyes and imagine the feeling of a summer breeze hitting your face, pouring in from wide open windows, and the endless possibilities that the season presents. 

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