mp3 premiere: "Haze" - Grace Joyner & "Two Left Feet" - Gold Light


Two of our favorite artists, Grace Joyner and Gold Light came together for a limited split tape as part of their upcoming joint tour. If you're not lucky enough to grab one of the 25 copies during their tour (dates below), we have the stream. "Haze" features Joyner's signature syrupy soprano, with a patchwork backing of instrumentals provided by her Casiotone, and Gold Light's Joe Chang joins in to add a dose of coziness. "Two Left Feet" bolsters up the guitar, with Chang's tale of stumbling through life, hoping to follow a dream, softly unfolding before Joyner's appearance. Together the tape is like walking under a cloudless sky on a cool fall day, the leaves gently falling, unveiling the magic of a season's change. In other words - it's perfect. You can read more about the tape's creation below.

JOE (Gold Light): We did a little joint tour back in July, and after our last show in Nashville, we were sitting outside talking and I think we were all on the same page about wanting to do another tour, (because that one went so well, it felt like there was something magical hanging over it) and more specifically Grace and I talked about collaborating more musically on things together. 

GRACE: We shared a backing band when we first toured with Gold Light in July, and it was obvious early on that we all got along seamlessly. I think we both picked up along the way that working together more and branching out could be really cool & rewarding. I had some shows come up that my band couldn't make so I asked Joe if he wanted to play with me just the two of us. It is different than what I am used to doing, but I think it is a nice variation. Collaborating with someone when you are used to going it alone can be a bit scary at first and we are both pretty shy, but it works. 

JOE: Grace already had the song "Haze" and brought her Casiotone over to practice it one time, and I mentioned I didn't really have a song yet, and wasn't really feeling what I was doing on Guitar. So she let me borrow her Casiotone, and that night I sat down, put a slow rock beat on the drum machine, and just started playing those chords and "Two Left Feet" came about really quickly. I think I kind of wrote it intentionally to be a song that Grace and Gold could perform together, it kind of blends both our styles.

GRACE: You think maybe my Casio has a little magic? I think so. 

JOE: Then we got together for just a few hours one afternoon and I dusted off my old cassette 4-Track I hadn't used in quite some time. It was intentionally done quickly and lo-fi, with the idea it'd just be her and I doing everything on it, and that we'd keep it simple/just to 4 tracks. I think we did each song twice, and liked the second takes better. It was fun. Hopefully we'll get to do more together in the future.

GRACE: The tape was Joe's idea. I had never done one before and I wasn't really sure what to expect. It was a lovely and peaceful afternoon, and I am glad we have a recording of it to share. Very much looking forward to round two tour with Joe & the gang. 

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